“Training with Amy can be summed up into two words: energetic and supportive. The past three months training with Amy have been nothing short of amazing. Her holistic approach to health and fitness means that she is incredibly knowledgeable and determined to find the best way possible for you to achieve your goals. Amy’s daily check-ins, personalisation of meal and workout plans combined with her energetic training sessions helped me maintain my motivation and discipline over the time she trained me. By the end of 3 months I walked away the most confident and happy version of myself with information gained and lots of lessons learned. I cannot thank Amy enough for all her tireless hard work and effort she has spent on me as a client, and could not think of a better trainer to lead anyone to their health and fitness goals.”



“It is with great pleasure I share my experience with Amy. I have been training with Amy for almost 6 months now; originally I started with 2 sessions a week planning to drop to 1 however I just can’t do it – she is the best personal trainer I have ever had; worth every single cent! Her attention to detail, energy, enthusiasm and engagement is second to none. I always look around the gym and see trainers on their phones and not engaged with their clients – this is NOT Amy! She is completely with you in your session, is spot on watching your form and pushes you to show what you’re capable of! She checks in, actually cares AND she leads by example (so bloody fit!!!)
I could not be more grateful to have someone so professional, knowledgeable & authentic to help me with my fitness! Thank you Amy!”



" I started with Amy two months after my knee reconstruction to purely focus on gaining my mobility and confidence back post surgery .  

Little did I know over the last six months of training with Amy I would transform my body and improve my overall mindset towards training.  Every session is different and every week she challenges me with exercises I would not have dreamt doing six months ago.  

Amy is extremely motivating and her positive attitude towards training and her clients is consistent week in week out. I have lost close to 10kgs and training with Amy has been the best decision I have ever made, she has literally changed my life."